Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prom Realized prom part 3

Okay, so we get through the "who to ask", "How to do it", the execution of the asking and the big day is coming.  I just wanted to share the prom progression...

Okay, what to wear - it's easier for us because we have the boy, but I am a girl (an old one), so I know what it takes to find the right dress, shoes, undies, make up, nails, hair, etc, etc, etc.  But for us it was rent the tux.  Now lets just talk a little about costs, Tux costs around $125, Prom Bid (why do they call it that?) Very, very close to $200, Limo ride $45, flowers, $40, hair cut $20, 2 after parties $90 ($45 a piece), pictures $90 and of course pocket money, because you can't run around broke (that does not go for parents).  And if you add it all, well it  comes to ... a wonderful night out, laughing, smiling, good memories to last a lifetime... Priceless.  I'd say money well spent.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Remembering writing

I remember wanting to write even before I could.  I loved pencils and crayons and markers. I would take out paper from my sister's notebook and play writer.  I would make all kinds of marks on the paper and then take it to my mom or dad and read them the story that I wrote. 

I think my love of writing comes from my father.  He was a teacher, counselor and then a Principal - and he did a lot of writing.  I loved to sit next to him at his desk and write with him and sometimes sit in his lap and he would help me make  letters.  I wanted to make letters and words so much that both mom and dad worked with me.  I was lucky to have parents who did that because as I entered Kindergarten I could read and write.  But it got a bit frustrating when my writing was so slow, but my mind was making stories a mile a minute. 

I excelled in English and it was always my favorite class, but I can not spell.  I don't know what the problem is, but my spelling is terrible.  Thank God for Spell Check and the little spell checker I carry around in my purse.  I still love to write and I know it will be a passion all my life.  I just found blogging and it is a wonderful outlet to share my writing and read others. 

Loving you,