Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prom Realized prom part 3

Okay, so we get through the "who to ask", "How to do it", the execution of the asking and the big day is coming.  I just wanted to share the prom progression...

Okay, what to wear - it's easier for us because we have the boy, but I am a girl (an old one), so I know what it takes to find the right dress, shoes, undies, make up, nails, hair, etc, etc, etc.  But for us it was rent the tux.  Now lets just talk a little about costs, Tux costs around $125, Prom Bid (why do they call it that?) Very, very close to $200, Limo ride $45, flowers, $40, hair cut $20, 2 after parties $90 ($45 a piece), pictures $90 and of course pocket money, because you can't run around broke (that does not go for parents).  And if you add it all, well it  comes to ... a wonderful night out, laughing, smiling, good memories to last a lifetime... Priceless.  I'd say money well spent.


  1. I never went to prom. I wish I had. My "life" began at 15 and I started college. I gave up some things in order to do that. Ah well, reading other peoples' stories keeps me smiling. Thanks for sharing! WRITE ON!

  2. I wrote a book - Prom Girls, a North American Rite of Passage.
    I am smiling ear to ear with this post as it begins with the Limo rental and then jumps right into 'The Tux'. What a celebration to enjoy at an age where sometimes kids feel as though they have fallen into the cracks and not noticed as either a child nor an adult. I love this subject. (clearly!) Priceless... Yes