Friday, March 1, 2013

Today I am going to Andrew's third college swim meet, but the first one I've been allowed to attend.  I guess that sometimes we have to allow our children the space to grow and be comfortable without us.  It only helps them but it hurts in ways that confuse me.  I know that this is the way that life works. The whole circle of life thing, it's right, it's how it's supposed to be, it's good and it gives me this weird, kinda sick feeling in my stomach. 

 It's funny how this boy/man whom I enjoy spending time with can in less than ten seconds make me crazy, make me cry, make me laugh, and remind me how proud I am of him.
Well Andrew see you at the meet and remember "Keep Clam and Swim On"
Love you! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prom Realized prom part 3

Okay, so we get through the "who to ask", "How to do it", the execution of the asking and the big day is coming.  I just wanted to share the prom progression...

Okay, what to wear - it's easier for us because we have the boy, but I am a girl (an old one), so I know what it takes to find the right dress, shoes, undies, make up, nails, hair, etc, etc, etc.  But for us it was rent the tux.  Now lets just talk a little about costs, Tux costs around $125, Prom Bid (why do they call it that?) Very, very close to $200, Limo ride $45, flowers, $40, hair cut $20, 2 after parties $90 ($45 a piece), pictures $90 and of course pocket money, because you can't run around broke (that does not go for parents).  And if you add it all, well it  comes to ... a wonderful night out, laughing, smiling, good memories to last a lifetime... Priceless.  I'd say money well spent.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Remembering writing

I remember wanting to write even before I could.  I loved pencils and crayons and markers. I would take out paper from my sister's notebook and play writer.  I would make all kinds of marks on the paper and then take it to my mom or dad and read them the story that I wrote. 

I think my love of writing comes from my father.  He was a teacher, counselor and then a Principal - and he did a lot of writing.  I loved to sit next to him at his desk and write with him and sometimes sit in his lap and he would help me make  letters.  I wanted to make letters and words so much that both mom and dad worked with me.  I was lucky to have parents who did that because as I entered Kindergarten I could read and write.  But it got a bit frustrating when my writing was so slow, but my mind was making stories a mile a minute. 

I excelled in English and it was always my favorite class, but I can not spell.  I don't know what the problem is, but my spelling is terrible.  Thank God for Spell Check and the little spell checker I carry around in my purse.  I still love to write and I know it will be a passion all my life.  I just found blogging and it is a wonderful outlet to share my writing and read others. 

Loving you,


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Dancers and a Migraine

Tonight I had to attend the rehearsal of a dance show where the children ranged in age fro 5 years to 14 years old. I love to watch these girls dance.  They are wonderful and they love it, because the joy shows in their dancing, but tonight I had a bad migraine headache I was in bed most of the day with it, but had to get up at 5pm and go to the theatre.  I took four Advil and went, I had to be backstage to help out and watch the kids. There were a couple other adults with me and I thought I'm never going to make it until 9:30pm, but I did - and I was able to because these sweet little girls were so well behaved.  They were nice to each other and helped each other and picked up their trash and were pretty darn quiet.  I was able to sit quietly observing them and didn't have to move around too much - my migraine got a little better as the night went on and even though it was late and they had to be tired they still behaved so sweetly - Thank you my little dancers and I thank your mommies too because they sure did a good job.

loving you

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Effect of People

It's amazing how we effect one another.  Driving to work a man gets cut off and is so angry all the honking in the world doesn't help, so when he arrives at his office he yells at his assistant for nothing and she is upset all day. When she gets home her husband is already home and was trying to make dinner - the kitchen is a disaster- and she yells at him and runs crying upstairs to the bedroom.  The son comes down after finishing his homework and sees his dad in the kitchen and laughs and his dad screams at him, the son goes out into the backyard and sits on the back porch where his dog comes up to him and tries to comfort him and he shoves the dog away.  But the dog doesn't give up and he rubs against him until the son gives in and wraps his arms around the dog and  they both feel better.  Why can't we be more like dogs?

The truth is many things effect our moods, music, food, loud noise, traffic, but nothing effects us more then another person, they can be in a silly mood and pass that on or a rotten mood and pass that on.  I try to use boundaries, so other people's moods won't effect mine (okay, well that's what I want to do, anyway). Their mood is theirs you don't have to take it on.  It is okay to allow someone to feel what and how they are feeling without taking on the drama and insanity for yourself.  Give them the space to be what they need to be and you can save yourself a lot of frustration and anger.  And then you have the opportunity to be the dog and give some love and comfort - when the time is right.

Loving you

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remembering Dad

Remembering Dad

Memorial Day for me will always be the day my Dad passed away.  He died 19 years ago on May 25, 1992 and it happened to be Memorial Day, which if fitting as he served in the Marines during WWII and was very proud of that.  All the veterans deserve a huge thank you, lots of hugs and love and maybe even some gifts, because the gift they give to us is FREEDOM and that is just priceless. 

I miss my Dad – We were very close, I could tell him anything and I had the honor and privilege to be with him on the night he died.  He was trying so hard to hang on.  I know he was worried that we wouldn’t be okay without him, but my sister Julie and I rubbed his feet and hands and assured him that we would be okay and that we would take care of our Mom and it was okay to let go.  It was hard to say that, I wanted him to stay – I wanted more time to hang out – I wanted him. But to be fair he was so very sick and life was so difficult for him that I couldn’t be as selfish as to beg him to stay in a place he no longer belonged.  It was time for him to go meet up with his dad and mom and wait for the rest of us to follow.  I know that I will see him again.  And I often feel him near me and for this I am grateful and feel comforted.  My nephew has never met my dad, but we have told him so many stories he talks like he knew him personally.  The most amazing thing is that Andrew is so much like my dad at times it’s uncanny.  I love you Dad, say Hi to Grandma and Grandpa.

Loving you


I'm confused

Help me if you can - I can't post from my computer - I don't know what happened, but it started last night I tried to post my Wordle and a memory of my Dad and it wouldn't let me into the posting area it gave a error number, but I have been unable to reach anyone at Blogspot for help - So I cleared my cookies and that didn't help ether.  AAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG! it is so Frustrating - I am now posting on my nephew's computer and all my pre-written stuff is on my computer.  If any of you have had this problem or know how to contact Blogspot please let me know.