Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Dancers and a Migraine

Tonight I had to attend the rehearsal of a dance show where the children ranged in age fro 5 years to 14 years old. I love to watch these girls dance.  They are wonderful and they love it, because the joy shows in their dancing, but tonight I had a bad migraine headache I was in bed most of the day with it, but had to get up at 5pm and go to the theatre.  I took four Advil and went, I had to be backstage to help out and watch the kids. There were a couple other adults with me and I thought I'm never going to make it until 9:30pm, but I did - and I was able to because these sweet little girls were so well behaved.  They were nice to each other and helped each other and picked up their trash and were pretty darn quiet.  I was able to sit quietly observing them and didn't have to move around too much - my migraine got a little better as the night went on and even though it was late and they had to be tired they still behaved so sweetly - Thank you my little dancers and I thank your mommies too because they sure did a good job.

loving you

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