Monday, May 7, 2012

First Theme Day

First Theme Day!

Well, believe it or not I'm not much of a movie goer.  Since my Mom's stroke it has become a bit tricky to get to a movie, but I do remember a movie that inspired me to write.  Julia and Julia - if you remember it's about a gal who starts a blog based on cooking from Julia Child's cookbook - in a similar format as a  blog-a-thon.  I didn't even know what a blog was before I saw the movie and then I spent a lot of time thinking about how much I'd like to try putting a blog together and then finally I looked into it and well here I am.  I really enjoy doing this and the blog-a-thon has really kept me motivated.  Tonight's blog is short as I am exhausted and not feeling very well.  
Good Night,
P.S. the picture is of my birthday dinner (my sister, not Julia or Julia, but Julie cooked it for me).


  1. Looks yummy! What a great writing inspiration story! Welcome to blogging in general and the Blogathon in particular!

    I just recently moved back with my parents to help them take care of things since Dad is 88 now and in the words of Ol' Blue Eyes,
    "Don't get around much anymore" so I know a little of what you're going through. Writing helps! Hang in there!

    1. Thanks for your support. It is terribly difficult, but I want to keep her at home with me where she is happy and comfortable. Writing is a solace for me and this blog-a-thon is wonderful. Thanks again.