Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love animals! They make me feel better when I'm down - are ready to play all the time - they like to snuggle - and they don't talk back.  I had a bunny named Boonie - I got him on a street corner in downtown LA.  I was shopping for fabric for costumes for the annual water show and I ran into this man holding a rabbit the size of a hamster.  He told me that they were "mini-bunnies" and wouldn't grow much larger (if you have any ocean front property in Utah that you want to sell, I'm your girl).  He was so cute.  I had to hold him then I had to have him - so I bought him for $20.  Boonie went with me everywhere - at work I had a little hamster bed and he would wonder around my desk or get in his bed.  I carried him in my hoodie pocket, I carried him everywhere.  My sister suggested I take him to the vet to get him checked out and see if he needed any shots.  I met with the doctor and much to my chagrin and total embarrassment he explained that this was not a mini bunny it was a very young bunny, much too young to be away from his mama.  So I became Bunny Mama and learned how to feed him and care for him - the vet said they call them Santee Alley Bunnies, (named after the shopping alley in Los Angeles) and that they generally don't live long.  I told him that Boonie was different and that he would live.  And he did. A nice long life.  The vet said that I loved him into long life and my "mini-bunny" ended up weighing about 10 lbs and being 2 feet when he raised up on his hind quarters.  He was huge!  I love and miss you Boonie - I know you are sitting at the foot of God.

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