Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I sat at the computer
trying to decide
if I should post on my blog
or just find a place to hide

my eyes are so tired
I can hardly see
I've worked my butt off
it's can be hard to be me

My car broke down
my head does ache
my eyes want to close
please give me a break

but even when everything
is looking so bleak
I just look up
and begin to speak

I talk to God
and let Him know
that I just can't do it
so I'm gonna let go

I going to give it to Him
and lay down my head
I know he will help me
So I can safely go to bed

I ask him to bless
my Mom with His love
so she will know
He is always above

I ask Him to bless
my sister too
and Stand beside her
So she can do what she needs to do

I ask Him to watch over
my sweet, handsome boy
to show him forgiveness
and give him some joy

I ask for my family
and all of my friends
His blessings and love
for all hearts to mend

Then finally I ask
for His loving grace
to help me strong
in seeking His face.

I know that He hears me
I know this is true
that we walk together
in all that I do

so now that I shared this
from deep in my heart
Sleep well, sweet dreams
 'cuz now we must part.

Good night  :O)

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