Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love Yosemite

I love Yosemite
The incredible beauty, the amazing force of nature, all made by the hand of God.  I've been there four times and I haven't seen enough.  We've spotted the climbers on El Capitan (Andrew is standing in the meadow below El Capitan in this photo), We've done the Bridal Vale Fall Trail, We've climbed up to the base of Yosemite Falls (in August) Just breath taking.

The first time I went to Yosemite we came out of the tunnel and almost got into a wreck -  It was an amazing view - there was Half Dome and the falls and all these wonderful trees - I felt so happy and at home.  I can't wait to go back, maybe someday I'll retire there.

Andrew, his dad, his friend Brett and his father hiked up to Half Dome. (the picture above is one of the falls on the way up)  They told us it was hard, but so beautiful - I don't think I'll ever make that trip, but it is something to aspire to and dream about.  I look around where I live, a place I really love, but it is so impacted with buildings and homes and refineries and everything that when you go to a place like Yosemite it is like living in a dream - one I don't want to wake up from.  If you ever question if there is a God, go to Yosemite and you will know that he lives.

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