Sunday, May 13, 2012


If I could base my entire life on FAITH so many things would be different. I wouldn't be fearful, because I would have the faith to know that it will all work out.  Maybe not the way I want it, but it would be okay.  I would not play yo yo with God, giving Him my life and then pulling it back incase He needed my help. If I had full faith I would have faith in people and not want to run from them and maybe run to meet up with them.  I could speak my mind with kindness and convection without being concerned what others thought. 

But the truth of the matter is I have a little faith, you've all heard the mustard seed story, and that is truly all I need, because even if I do pull away from God - He would never pull away from me.  I am His forever and for always and no matter what I do or what slips out of my mouth, God loves me.  And if I remember to keep looking up - all will be well.


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