Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Effect of People

It's amazing how we effect one another.  Driving to work a man gets cut off and is so angry all the honking in the world doesn't help, so when he arrives at his office he yells at his assistant for nothing and she is upset all day. When she gets home her husband is already home and was trying to make dinner - the kitchen is a disaster- and she yells at him and runs crying upstairs to the bedroom.  The son comes down after finishing his homework and sees his dad in the kitchen and laughs and his dad screams at him, the son goes out into the backyard and sits on the back porch where his dog comes up to him and tries to comfort him and he shoves the dog away.  But the dog doesn't give up and he rubs against him until the son gives in and wraps his arms around the dog and  they both feel better.  Why can't we be more like dogs?

The truth is many things effect our moods, music, food, loud noise, traffic, but nothing effects us more then another person, they can be in a silly mood and pass that on or a rotten mood and pass that on.  I try to use boundaries, so other people's moods won't effect mine (okay, well that's what I want to do, anyway). Their mood is theirs you don't have to take it on.  It is okay to allow someone to feel what and how they are feeling without taking on the drama and insanity for yourself.  Give them the space to be what they need to be and you can save yourself a lot of frustration and anger.  And then you have the opportunity to be the dog and give some love and comfort - when the time is right.

Loving you

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