Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Jersey House Wives?

It's all too much,
she said, shaking her head,
I'm really exhausted,
I'm going to bed.

I'm going to turn on New Jersey,
put on my pajama,
lay on the bed,
and enjoy someone else's drama.

I'm with ya, I tell her,
life is real tough,
but, watching Jersey,
they all have it so rough,

I must be so hard,
To be so rich,
to do what you want,
and act like a bitch.

I'm not real sure,
why I like this show,
but some of the characters,
really seem to know,

that family is what matters,
and they authentically try,
to give love and support,
This I cannot deny.

who is your favorite?
my sister asks me.
Caroline for sure,
on this we agree.

I really like Melissa,
and her husband Joe,
but Theresa is terrible,
and her husband blows.

The rest are okay,
and Kathy I like,
her daughter is cool,
and her son is alright.

some behavior is amazing,
sometimes hard to believe,
that they'd air all their nasties,
on prime time TV.

I know that I watch it,
that their rating is high,
but if push comes to shove,
Just give me CSI!

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