Friday, May 25, 2012

me and my garden

Yesterday I was working in the courtyard watering and pulling weeds, the sun was hot on my back the the hose water was cool and felt so good on my feet.  As I was cleaning out the bird bath I noticed in the tree above me there were four birds watching me - okay, I believe they were watching me, when I finished up and filled it with fresh water I kinda waited to see if they would come down for a bath - but they didn't move. So I moved on to another part of the garden and I noticed how many butterflies were around it was so amazing and beautiful - when I finished with the hose I brought it around the to hang is up and there in the birdbath were the four birds who had been watching me, so I quietly walked away and allowed them their privacy.  I love my garden and all that comes with it: birds and butterflies, a raccoon, several friendly squirrels and me. It really has become a place of peace, a place to breath.

Love to you

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