Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning to breath again

There are days when I feel like I am holding my breath. It's a tight chested, teeth gritted, sholder hunching feeling and it's just exhausting.  And lately I have spent a lot of time in this position.  Life is never going to be easy, if it were we would be bored and lifeless.  I used to say "if I could just get the wrinkles out of my sheets I'd be comfortable" but the truth is the wrinkles are where we learn and they help us to be the people we are and the people we will become.  We need the wrinkles.  So one day I find myself in my breath holding place  (for some reason I fight against doing the things that help me)
and I forced myself to drive down to the beach - I parked the car, paid the meter (hell, those are expensive tickets) and sat on a bench over looking the ocean.  The gulls were singing and there was a slight cool breeze and I felt my shoulders move away from my ears, my mouth opened and relaxed and I could breath.  I had a long talk with God and I stopped trying to do it all myself - It's nice to know you are never alone.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You will always be my boy, even though you're 18 and graduating, you are still my boy.  I have so many hopes for you, I hope all your dreams come true, but if they don't I hope you'll put your head up and dream more.  I hope that someday you will find your special someone and you'll know it, not by how she looks, but by how she takes your breath away with her heart.  I hope that you will go to your chosen school and wring everything you can out of it - live your education, breath it in, absorb it and put it back out into the world to create something wonderful.  I hope you remember to charish your family and your friends, because they matter most and I hope you know God, because He is always with you, always. I love you my Bug and I always will.

Life's Journey

I really love this life journey  - it's just that when I get old I want to do it with you, my sister, cuz you KNOW me and you love me anyway.  So here's to us my sister in our purple dresses and red hats - I love ya - you are the best.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

This is my dog Buster and no matter what he makes me smile - everyone needs a Buster!
I have been on this amazing journey for a long time and the good and the challenging have always been life changing.  It's just that sometimes the challenges are breath taking and that's when I have to turn to
God. Then I can breath and I can do what needs to be done - no matter how difficult. Seriously, no matter how difficult.