Sunday, May 6, 2012

Life is not synchronized unless you can swim

Well, life isn't easy right now with my Mom's dementia (from stroke) worsening and trying to keep her happy at home while my sister and I struggle to hold down our jobs and keep our house together all the while living with the daily joy and frustration of raising a high school senior. whew! my head is spinning from that run on sentence, but it is the truth.  And honestly I need a rest.  Just a few quiet moments - and not the ones I have when I can't sleep.  Real moments - So my point is... I am trying to synchronize my life with all the craziness and chaos - with the voice of God.  In Synchronized swimming it takes a lot of holding your breath and core strength to create what the swimmers do in the water.  On land in my life - it takes a lot of core strength and I need to stop holding my breath.  I have found that if I can stop and take in some deep breaths I am graced with a bit more patience.  The only way to really find the synchronicity on land is to breath.  

P.S. if anyone wonders synchronized swimming is a sport and an art. 

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